GleisFrei: Experience and reliability

Gleisfrei Srl Costruzioni Ferroviarie was founded in April 2003 after the closure of Gleismac Italiana Spa, which operated since 1977 in the railway construction field. Gleisfrei inherited its expertise and techniques, nonetheless the know-how of its qualified and skilled operators. Since the beginning, the company has been present as an expert player on the market of railway vehicles for track and overhead line construction.

GleisFrei today

Gleisfrei has developed over the years, becoming today a company producing, repairing and overhauling not only railway construction vehicles and equipment, like motor bogies, shunting locomotives and wagons, but also vehicles for tunnel and overhead line construction.

Thanks to the in-house designing and homologation department, Gleisfrei Srl can meet different requirements of national and international clients offering ad-hoc solutions with respect to the quality standards requested by the various national railways.

The vehicle range offered by Gleisfrei meet the requirements of the latest Italian executive procedures by RFI, of the EN standard EN 14033 and for wagons of TSI regulation. We can also study ad-hoc solutions in order to meet specific national requirements of the international client.

GleisFrei tomorrow

The range of vehicles of Gleisfrei Srl is growing up in order to respond promptly to the requirements of the new RFI executive procedures, to the European standards, in particular EN 14033 and TSI.

GleisFrei – the best solution for the railway construction


Gleisfrei has all equipment and tools in order to carry out different processes of service, overhauling and reconditioning of the construction railway vehicles. It can be background for railway wheels, swivel stand for diesel engines service, measuring systems for mechanical components, test bench for testing pneumatic brake components, digital systems Calipri for the railway wheels measurements, load cells to weigh railway vehicles, column lifting systems. Gleisfrei is also equipped with a railway track for maintenance planned tests and racing tests for new vehicles.